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Overcoming Legal and Policy Barriers to Serving Minors Experiencing Homelessness
A young person’s status as a minor created significant barriers in many jurisdictions to accessing shelter and other services needed to avoid homelessness. This webinar will discuss the following:

- Key issues and challenges for minors experiencing homelessness.
- Strategies and lessons learned from successful efforts to pass state laws focused on minor consent.
- Questions to consider when drafting minor consent laws.
- An overview of legal issues and considerations for host homes for minors.
- Additional resources.

Kelly Russo, JD, Director, American Bar Association Commission on Homelessness and Poverty
Darla Bardine, JD, Executive Director, National Network for Youth

Patricia Julianelle, JD, Senior Strategist for Program Advancement and Legal Affairs, SchoolHouse Connection
Rhea Yo, JD, Director of Legal Services, Youth Homelessness Program, Legal Counsel for Youth and Children
Lisa Pilnik, JD, Legal Consultant and Writer


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